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Easy Self Assembling + Durable Design + Modular Structure + Made from ABS Plastic

A new innovative and modular furniture system is here. CUBICS is a whole new approach to building your own furniture. With its versatile but simple layout you are able to create a variety of easy to assemble furniture in any number of designs and sizes. 

Affordable Modular Furniture Auckland

Based on a cube, this innovative furniture needs no tools to build with its wide range of interchangeable joints and panels. Units can be easily dismantled to produce a new design or assembled in an earlier design. The cubes can be arranged in any pattern for any type of furniture from bookcases to display units. The possibilities are endless. 



 Product Feature 

 Building CUBICS furniture couldn't be easier with its modular construction made from ABS.          Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a plastics widely used today. Using CUBICS is fun and exciting  as you can create any shape you wish from this strong eco friendly material. 


 As soon as you open then box you can see how easy construction is with this strong and long  lasting material. ABS is able to be recycled and is resistant to moisture, humidity and insects. 







 Furniture Type

CUBICS can be used to create a variety of modular furniture that is tailored to your home of office in shape and size. The range of components and color ways make it versatile to allow you to create distinctive furniture for your home that is both practical and effective. It makes its own statement for stylish storage. 


CUBICS can also be used as temporary storage space as required. Being easy to assemble and dismantle makes it ideal for this purpose. Simply dismantle and store away until it is needed next time. 








For Business

CUBICS offers your business or working space innovative storage solutions for hard to fit places with its versatility. Use it for shelving by making incomplete cubes in any design to store papers, pens and knick knacks of all shapes and sizes.



A tidy working space leads to more creativity and a better working environment with a place for everything you need. Whether its an office, studio or retail store. CUBICS has the solution. 






Creative Design 

The key feature of CUBICS is the ability to create and build furniture beyond the standard box. Think outside the box to create uncommon and unusual furniture that is interesting as well as useful. The simplicity appeals to everyone and all you need to add is an idea to create something extraordinary. 



Children's Furniture 

CUBICS is the ideal storage solution around children as it is clean and hygienic and free from any toxins. This product can be used in schools, nurseries and homes to create furn furniture that kids will love to interact with. Tidying up was never so much fun as with CUBICS. 










Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry Furniture

CUBICS can be used in any wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchen and laundries as moisture has no adverse effect on the ABS plastic. Any accidental spills are wiped clean away making maintenance quick and easy.