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[Large Cubics] Lockable Key Set

[Large Cubics] Lockable Key Set

  • $20.00 NZD


  1. Modular Furniture: compatible with other Large CUBICS part
  2. Lego Construction System (very easy to assemble & dismantle)
  3. NO DIY Knowledge & NO Tools needed. (except a door installation)
  4. 100% Non Toxic & Eco Friendly Material ‘ABS’
  5. FREE Formaldehyde
  6. High Gross 
  7. Resistance to Insects
  8. Waterproof (can be used in a Kitchen, a Laundry, a Bathroom and more)
  9. Easy to Clean & Maintain

More Details of Components:


About Cubics

Cubics is a DIY Lego Construction System furniture that consists of interchangeable panels and joints to create a cube like storage structures. The components can be assembled and connected in many ways, to build such furniture as bookcases, media units, wall shelf and any other types of storage units.











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