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[Lock and Lock] Glass Storage Set (10pcs)_Oven & Microwave Proof

  • $69.00 NZD

Lock and Lock Glass is a convenient way to organize any kitchen as sits design helps you save storage space. It is also safe to use in microwaves, dishwashers and freezers.
With the revolutionary four locking mechanism and a resilient silicon seal, Lock and Lock glass keeps food fresh for a longer period of time without having to worry about any spillage.

Package Content (total 10pcs):
Square: 300ml x2, 500ml x2, Rectangle: 380ml x2, 630ml x1, Round: 380ml x2, 950ml x1

1. Lock and Lock glass made of high quality borosilicate glass, which enables the glass base to withstand sudden changes in temperature. You can take out the container from a refrigerator and directly put into an oven or a microwave.
2. Practical multi functional food containers.
3. Can be used for storage, freezing, reheating and serving.
4. Strong seal and four sided locking system enables an airtight and leak proof container while keeping food fresh.
5. Glass base resists stains and odors.
6. Glass base is microwave/ oven proof. Do not place the lid in the oven.
7. Safety feature - when the glass container breaks, it dose not shatter into numerous fragments.
8. Makes a great lunch container. Handles remain cool even after microwave use.
9. The container is light in comparison to many other glass containers in the market.
10. The whole product, including the lid, is BPA FREE.
11. Dishwasher safe.

Material:Base: Borosilicate glass, Lid: Polypropylene (PP), Seal: Silicon ** BPA FREE **
Designed in Korea