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[Mini Cubics] 120 Wall Panel

  • $3.71 NZD


Material: ABS

Size: (mm)

Depth: 120 (mm)

Components: 1x 120 Wall Panel + Wall Panel Cover + 2 screws 

 * The screw is included but you may need another screw depends on your wall type such as a concrete.



  1. Modular Furniture - You can rebuild existing Mini Cubics to new design with extra Mini Cubics parts
  2. Lego Construction System (Very easy to assemble)
  3. NO DIY Knowledge & NO Tools (except wall shelf installation)
  4. 100% Non Toxic & Eco Friendly Material ‘ABS’
  5. FREE Formaldehyde
  6. Resistance to Insects
  7. Strong by Moisture (Can be used in Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom and more)
  8. Easy to Clean & Maintain


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