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[Deco Island] Cardiovascular Exercise Twist Run

[Deco Island] Cardiovascular Exercise Twist Run

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Please have a look how you can do exercise with Twsit Run at home.

Helps you burn up to 560kcal per hour.
All in one exercise equipment: The jumping waist - twister, Twist Run has as many good exercise effect as aerobic, trampoline, treadmill, stepper, waist twister, balancing pole, abdominal motion, waist stretching, intestinal exercises.

Arms and shoulders : To balance the body, users swing their arms and shoulders semi automatically due to the design of Twist Run.
Waist and Abdominal: Twist the waist 90 degree to the left and right to squeeze abdominal fat using muscles.
Sense of Balance: can develop their body balance and sensibility.
Leg: keep the knees slightly bent like ski pose.

Components: 1x Twist Run, 1x Manual CD
Material: Plastic, Steel
Size: 36cm x 36cm x 32cm
Weight: 8.1kg